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How do gears mould

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Shenzhen Toshikatsu precision machinery limited company is a professional manufacturer of gear manufacturers, now introduce gear modulus,
Passing gear is a kinetic energy of mechanical parts. Usually take advantage of more than two wheels biting each other. In the mechanical transmission accounted for
An important position. Such as transform rotation speed, number of turns per unit time to transform. So bite each other---contact
The number of teeth of the gear pair is not the same. But meshing requirements each other crack is the same, gap teeth and tooth thickness
Should be consistent, mechanical efficiency can play. Describes meaning of this argument is the modulus of backlash and tooth thickness. Britain and the United States
Use the pitch diameter section. Is the reciprocal relationship between them. Specific calculations consult your manual. Spur the minimalist
Single, helical gears, internal gears and gear is a bit more complex. Includes calculation of pressure angle and tooth surface. After the door slowly
In detail, there is software available. Calculation of transmission ratio in General, simple, check how many teeth can be calculated.
Turning up, modulus is equivalent to running the ' step ', that is, how far is it to take a step the meaning is the same. Friends are welcome to call
Consulting related business, the company will be answered for you.

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