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Production of powder metallurgy process

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Powder metallurgy production process:

1, the production of powder. Powder production process including preparation of powder, powder mixing and other steps. To improve the formability and plasticity of powder usually adding plasticizers, such as gasoline, rubber or wax.

2, pressing. Powder under 500~600MPa pressure, pressed into the desired shape.
3, sintering. Made in the protective atmosphere or vacuum furnaces for high temperature furnace. Sintering is different from the metal melting, sintering still have at least one element is in the solid state. Powder particles by dispersion in the sintering process, recrystallization, welded, combined, dissolved and a series of physical and chemical processes, into a certain porosity of metallurgical products.
4, after treatment. Under normal circumstances, sintered parts is either used directly. But for a certain size requirement of high precision and high hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece should be carried out after sintering. Processing includes seminal, rolling, extruding, after hardening, surface hardening, dipping oils, and infiltration.

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